Activities of
Lubavitch in Scotland

Your Friendship & Support Makes It Happen
Spreading Judaism Through Fun & Laughter

Presenting a Menorah to the local Provost - Mayor

Sora Jacobs Distributing
Shabbos Candlesticks

Kosher Food Exhibition
500 People Attended

LíChaimís Scotlandís ONLY
Kosher Restaurant

Meeting with Ken Macintish MSP & Jim Murphy MP

Fancy Dress at Purim Party

Putting on Tefillin at
a Local Shopping Mall

Publicising Pesach with
a 20 Foot Banner

Chanukah Fun Morning

Publicising Pesach with
a Car Roof Sign

Distributing Menorahs
& Candles for Chanukah

Chala Baking at the
Kosher Food Exhibition

Presenting Apple & Honey to the local Provost - Mayor

Lag BíOmer Barbecue
100 People Attended

Toast to the Haggis at Burns Supper 50 People Attended

Baking at Bat Chayil Classes

Pre Rosh Hashona Table
at Asda Superstore

Preparing for Purim at
Hebrew School

Enjoying a Meal at LíChaimís Kosher Restaurant

Tu Beshevat Party at
Hebrew School

Rabbi Mendel Jacobs
Designer of the
Only Jewish Tartan

Purim Celebrations

Purim Celebrations

Purim Celebrations

Visiting Residents at local Sheltered Housing Complex

Enjoying a Barbeque at
L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant

Sora Jacobs with her
Bat Chayil Graduates