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L'Chaim's Restaurant & Kosher Catering Ltd
Kosher Food in Glasgow Scotland
Bespoke Glatt Kosher Catering, Restaurant,
Kosher Fine Dining, Takeway
& Supplying of Glatt Kosher Food to Hotels,
Restaurants & Individuals
0141 638 6116 07957 605 005 or 07971 502 601
Completely Closed on Saturdays -
When no reply leave a message or try other numbers given.
We will deal with it promptly on our return.
We Can Deliver Within Four Hours of Receiving Your Order



We supply the highest level of Kosher standard for the consumer as
documented in our
Kashrus-Kosher Food Policy Document to satisfy the
highest religious requirements for your client

We use ONLY Shefa MehadrinKosher Shechita
We are Glasgow Scotland's ONLY Kosher
Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterer
We are Scotland's ONLY Shomer Shabbos
Kosher Caterer & Kosher Food Supplier

MAZELTOV! You deserve the Very Best in
Kosher Catering for Your Special Day
At a Price You Can Afford








       We Kosher cater and supply Kosher Food for all
small, medium and large size Kosher Functions
Kosher Food At a Price You Can Afford
Call us to discuss a Kosher menu for your Special Day
Call us for a Kosher supply of food for your Special Event
L'Chaim's Restaurant
       We Kosher cater all small and medium size Kosher events.
     Scotland's only Glatt Kosher
      Fine Kosher Dining Restaurant & Glatt Kosher Caterer
  Kosher Bespoke Catering at its Best

     located on the Giffnock Shul Complex
   222 Fenwick Rd. Giffnock G46 6UE


We cater in Glasgow Scotland 
* Kosher Friday Night Catered Suppers,
* Kosher Catered Shabbos Lunches
* Kosher Food Activities for Singles,
* Kosher Small Bar Mitzvah Parties & Breakfasts,
* Kosher Sheva Brochois, Engagements,
* Kosher Musical Evenings
* Kosher Birthday Parties, ĎOuf Rufsí
and Kosher receptions following Stone Settings.

Let us Kosher cater your Bespoke Kosher Meals,
ask for a quote

Let our Chef personalise your melon
 and other items for your simcha party

For your Glatt Kosher Scottish Catered function
Call Sora Jacobs 
The L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant Scottish 
Kosher Catering Manager 
to arrange your function.

We can provide all your Kosher food requirements
Kosher Breakfasts (Cholov Yisroel ONLY),
Kosher Lunches and Kosher Dinners available 
at ANY hotel or business meeting throughout 
Scotland and the north of England
Carlisle, Gretna Green and the Lake District

We look forward to welcoming you at L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant
Glasgow's ONLY Glatt Kosher Restaurant and Kosher Caterer

For all your Glatt Kosher Food Requirements in Scotland contact
L'Chaim's Glatt Kosher Restaurant and Kosher Caterer for a Personal Service
LíChaimís Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterers
LíChaimís Scotland's ONLY Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterers
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