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 Kosher Kitchen Policy of
L'Chaimís Kosher Restaurant
Glasgow Scotland

Glasgow Scotland's only Shomer Shabbos Mehadrin
Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Catering Establishment
An Activity of
Lubavitch of Scotland


Kosher Food in Glasgow Scotland
Kosher Kitchen Policy of
L'Chaimís Kosher Restaurant
Glasgow Scotland

Glasgow Scotland's only Shomer Shabbos Mehadrin
Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Catering Establishment
An Activity of
Lubavitch of Scotland

Our Kashrus Policy

Our restaurant is under the CONSTANT PERSONAL supervision of Rabbi & Mrs Chaim Jacobs of
ChabadLubavitch, the Rebbe's personal Shluchim in Scotland for 52 years, and
the West of Scotland
Kashrus authority.
The standard of our restaurant is the same as the kashrus standard in our own home. Boruch Hashem we
NEVER compromise in our Kashrus Standards. We urge you to keep Kashrut of the highest standard where
ever you may be.
* We Use ONLY Shefa Meats which is under Hashgocha of
Rav Zimmerman of Federation (former Gateshead Rov)
Rav Schnebalg of Edgware and Rav Eckstein of Belzer *

A Full Time Mashgiach- (Rabbi Chaim or Mrs Sora Jacobs) are always in attendance and present when
our kitchen is opened to check all the things listed below.

Our Kitchens are only open when the Mashgiach is in attendance to light all ovens and cookers and check
all items listed below are in order. At no time are the kitchens left un-attended.

All Packets of Meat and Chicken are always opened when the Mashgiach is present

All Fish used always has some skin attached to it and is examined to make sure it has some scales
 on the fish.

Any mince fish used is minced under supervision too.

Watch this video to know about Kosher Fish

The Mashgiach is ALWAYS AWARE 100% of all food cooked that day and all ingredients that are used.
We personally order and buy ALL food products.

Each day on arrival of the Mashgiach all products that will be used for cooking that day are checked out
properly for kashrus, insects, Terumois and Maaserois, and Shmitta where applicable. 
Special care is taken at all times regarding Bishul Yisroel (and Bishul Akum). This applies to Ovens,
Cookers, Microwaves and Fryers. All are always turned on ONLY by people who are Shomer Shabbos.

All vegetables requiring 'Bedika' are washed and checked thoroughly ONLY by the Mashgiach.

All fruits, salads, vegetables and herbs are ALWAYS examined for insects by the Mashgiach. We do not use
raspberries at any time.

We never use produce from Eretz Yisroel during Shemita year
Terumois and Maaserois are taken from all products of Israel at all times.

Each manufactured product is individually checked out to make sure it is kosher and approved.

We keep ALL the laws of Shmitta. Special care is taken to make sure all produce is Shmitta free.

Special care is taken to make sure that no fruit or vegetable item is used from Eretz Yisroel if it is
Shemitta produce.

All Meat served is Glatt Kosher. We use only Kedassia or MH Manchester Shechita.

All raw and cooked eggs are checked for blood spots. We only use white eggs.
ALL Pasteurised eggs used are made under Kedassia Hechser and never left out over night.

No opened raw eggs are left overnight unless oil, salt or sugar are mixed to them the night before.
are kept covered at all times.

All chocolates served carry a hechsher not just an approval.

All wine served is Mevushal. Non Mevushal wine is not allowed on our premises.

All bread served is 'Pas Yisroel'. It is supplied by either Carmelli, Parkway, Grodzinski or Brackman's

Where required all our staff wash 'Negel Vasser' before handling any food.

No liquids are left uncovered overnight.

No cut onions or garlic are left over night.

No Milk or Milk products are served in the restaurant.

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We have a Wine Table License.
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