Thursday 6 September
To enable the Community to fulfil the Mitzvah of wearing
KOSHER Tefillin and placing Kosher
Mezuzahs on their doors Lubavitch brought to Glasgow Sofer Rabbi Yitzchak Schreibhant, courtesy of Sholom Jacobs.
It was a
FREE service offered and will be repeated later in the year.
Anyone wishing to have their Tefillin or Mezuzahs checked please be in touch 638 6116.
Writing of the Tefillin and Mezuzahs often fades which then invalidates the items.
We all need Hashem's promise of long life and good health
for oneself and the family so book Your Tefillin and Mezuzah
MOT as soon as possible.
 This blessing comes about thru fixing Kosher Mezuzahs on all doors and wearing
KOSHER Tefillin
daily at least while saying the first two lines of the Shema.