Lubavitcher Rebbe Tribute
By Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
43 Years
 In Scotland

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Lubavitch of Scotland
43rd Aniversary Dinner

It was an evening of mixed emotions at the Lubavitch of Scotlands 43rd Anniversary Dinner
held this week. Some 160 people including teenagers packed into the Giffnock Shul Hall to
celebrate and be uplifted by guest speaker holocaust survivor Leibel Zisman of New York.

The Dinner Table

Provost of Eastwood
Alastair Carmichael
Guest Speaker Leibel Zisman

The Dinner Table

The evening began with a showing of a video presentation encapsulating the activities of
 Lubavitch in Scotland over the last 43 years which was followed by spontaneous dancing
as everyone said L'chaim and celebrated the accomplishments thus far and wished every
success for its future.

A moving internet message was delivered by former Giffnock Shul minister Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
 who was responsible for bringing Lubavitch to Scotland. At the time Rabbi Chaim Jacobs was
employed as Youth rabbi to the synagogue and his wife Sora taught in the Shul Nursery School.
He noted the feelings of Glasgow Jewry when the first Lubavitch chosid walked on Scottish soil.
He too was sceptical of their success but stated that Chaim and Sora's achievements
surpassed all expectations including his own.

Dinner Chairman
Stephen Jacobs &
his wife Lucy

The R H the Lord
Provost of Glasgow
Councillor Sadie Docherty
Present the Glasgow Coat of Arms 
to Rabbi & Mrs Jacobs

The Jacobs Sons
Yossi, Sholom, Mendel

Dinner chairman Stephen Jacobs welcomed the guests including Lord Provost the R.H.
Councillor Sadie Docherty, and the provost of Eastwood Councillor Allastair Carmichael.
The toast to Lubavitch was given by Lubavitch supporter Dr Bernard Groden who listed
 the numerous programmes and achievments of Lubavitch director's Chaim and Sora
and Outreach Workers Mendel and Tzirl. Chaim and Sora are the longest serving Rabbi
and Rebetzen in Scotland,

During his 45 minute address which left not a dry eye in the house Leibel Zisman spoke about
the five miracles of his survival despite seeing his parents and siblings being taken away,
 the numerous beatings, shootings and killings, the in-humane conditions in which he survived
and even going twice on the famous death march at the tender age of 13-15 years.

First Dinner Chairman Bill Talbot still
enjoys the spirit of Lubavitch


Rabbi Jeremy Rosen with past dinner chairman Norman Naftalin &
Businessman's Lunch Host
Laurence Sammeroff
To Hear the

Tribute By Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Click Here

Sora Jacobs leads
the ladies in dancing


More than once a gun was held to his head but he miraculously survived. Once holocaust victim
screamed at him in the camps before he died "When you get out from here tell the world of all
the suffering of our people". He does not know the name of that man but his message still rings
 in his ears and this is why he travels around the world telling people of the suffering of our people
at the hand of nazis. Leibel explained how proud he is to be a Lubavitch chosid and a religious Jew
and how his belief in G-d keeps him going each day. His survival and everything he has today is only
 thanks to G-d.

He told over about the special blessings he received from the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe both when
he was still in Europe together with his father and when he first arrived in the United States
and how it inspires and gives him the strength to carry on.

In his address Rabbi Chaim Jacobs welcomed the guests including chairman of the first two
 Lubavitch dinners held in January and November of 1972 Bill and Alte Talbot. At the first
dinner only 36 people were in attendance.


The Provost (mayor) of East Renfrewshire Council receives the
Kindness to Mankind Award

Miracle holocaust survivor
Leibel Zisman
Addresses the guests

The Lord Provost (mayor)
of Glasgow receives the
Kindness to Mankind Award

During the evening the Kindness to Mankind Award was given to the Lord Provost and
Provost for the Glasgow City Council and East Renfrewshire Council in appreciation of the way
 Glasgow and East Renfrewshire welcomed the Jewish refugees of Europe pre, during and post
world war Two. In responding the provost of Glasgow presented Lubavitch with the Glasgow city
 council coat of arms in recognition of all their efforts.

The event was catered by Lubavitch's L'chaim's Kosher Catering organised entirely by
Sora and the evening concluded with a vote of thanks by long standing friend and supporter
of Lubavitch Michael Samuel.

The event was sponsored by the Sholom and Pessy Jacobs family foundation promoting Jewish
Awareness. This enabled the ticket price to be kept at a price everyone could afford.

During Leibel's visit to the UK he also addressed 35 Edinburgh students at
Chabad Lubavitch of Edinburgh and 100 members of the Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham
where Rabbi Yossi Jacobs is the chief minister

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