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Kosher Whisky Trails Glasgow Scotland

Come Visit Scotland

We can help you plan your Glatt Kosher tour in Scotland

For Bookings Call 0141 638 6116  or
For Restaurant During Opening Hours Only 0141 577 8265 

We suggest Stay Put Tours
Stay in Glasgow throughout your trip with
no changing of hotels and carrying bags
from hotel to hotel

Drive around Scotland in a
Mercedes Saloon Viano Enquire for Prices

Info about Numerous Distilleries

Glengoyne Distillery

30 minute drive from Glasgow

Auchentoshan Distillery

30 minute drive from Glasgow

Blair Athol Distillery

One Hour, Fifteen Minute drive from Glasgow

Glenkinchie Distillery
One Hour, Fifty minute drive from Glasgow
45 minute drive from Edinburgh City Centre

Dewars Distillery

Two Hour drive from Glasgow

Glenmorangie Distillery

Four and a half hour drive from Glasgow

Mitchell's Glengyle Distillery
Home of Kilkerran Single Malt

Three and a quarter hour drive from Glasgow

Glenfiddich Distillery

Four Hour drive from Glasgow

Cragganmore Distillery

Four Hours drive from Glasgow

Pulteney Distillery

Five minute drive from Craiglea

Five hour drive from Glasgow

Laphroaig Distillery

Nine Hour drive from Glasgow

Eleven Hour drive from Aberdeen

Edradour Scotch Whisky Distillery

Two Hour drive from Glasgow


One Hour Drive from Glasgow

Distilleries on the Isle of Islay
Click Here

Travel to the Isle of Islay from Glasgow
Click Here

For other Distilleries see:

Discovering Distilleries

Golf Tours

We can supply Breakfast and Lunch trays, Sandwiches plus one, two, three and 
four course meals delivered to your hotel, conference or business meeting

For a Menu of Kosher Meals we can 
supply throughout Scotland, and Price List
Click Here

Whisky Tours

Golf Tours

Shomer Shabbos Info

Kosher Meals that are Available

Kosher Food Info

Burrell Collection

Contact us at:

We offer to help you arrange Kosher Whiskey Trails in Scotland for visitors from England,
Israel, the United States and worldwide. Contact us for some of our package deals.

We can help you arrange hotel accommodation and provide all meals during your trip.

You can arrange your own accommodation by finding a hotel in the list below.
If you are Shomer Shabbos try and stay in the Giffnock area near our restaurant at least
for Shabbos at one of the two hotels listed below:

Redhurst Hotel  0141 638 6465.

Orchard Park Hotel 0141 638 1044  Orchard Park Hotel Email:

Glasgow Hotels Click Here

For Tourist Information you can call The Tourist office in Glasgow telephone
+44 (0) 141 204 4400 or 0990 992244

If you are Shomer Shabbos we suggest you try to stay in the Giffnock area near our restaurant
and Giffnock Shul. This way you will have a minyan for all Shabbos services and a hot Mikve too! 
We can help you with Shabbos meals. For prices Email for details:

We are half hour drive from
Robert Burns Country.
One hour from Stirling Castle, 
Loch Lomond, Edinburgh, 
Whiskey Trails, 
Gleneagles and much more.
Two hours to the Highlands.


For Information about places
 to visit in Scotland 
click the items below

Turnberry Golf Course

St Andrew's Golf Course

Gleneagles Golf Course

Glasgow Travel Guide

Isle of Bute




Glasgow Tourist Information

For Questions in all matters 
of Jewish Education and
Jewish Observance
* Touring info for Jewish people
* Shabbos Accommodation
* Kosher Food Availability
in Glasgow, Edinburgh &
throughout Scotland 
Contact us at:

For Forthcoming 
Glasgow  Scotland
Kosher Events
Click Here

We have a Wine
Table License.
For Our Wine List
Click Here

Location of Redhurst Hotel 
is given on the map below

For a Menu of Kosher Meals we can 
supply throughout Scotland, 
and Price List
Click Here

For a Meals Order Form
Click Here

Our Meals come double wrapped
and can be heated in any Hotel
or Apartment Oven or Microwave

We can meet you at Glasgow or Edinburgh Airport or Train station
and hand you your meals.

For Information about the Scottish Highlands
Click Here

Hotels in the Caithness Area
300 Miles / Six and a Half Hour drive from Glasgow
Click Here

Hotels in the Perth area
65 Miles /
90 Minute drive from Glasgow.
Click Here

Hotels in the
Callander & Trossachs Area
50 Miles / One Hour drive from Glasgow
Click Here

Hotels in the Inverness Area
180 Miles / Four Hour drive from Glasgow
Click Here

Hotels in the Aberdeen Area
160 Miles / Three & a Half Hour drive from Glasgow
Click Here

Isle of Islay Hotels and Information
Travel to Isle of Islay with
Flybe from Glasgow

Enjoy a Luxury Kosher Vacation 
Craiglea Caithness.
Kosher in the Scottish Highlands
Craiglea, Latheronwheel, Caithness, 
Scottish Highlands, KW5 6DW

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For all four Glatt Kosher Food Requirements in Scotland contact
 L'Chaim's Glatt Kosher Restaurant and Kosher Caterer for a Personal Service