Lubavitcher Rebbe
& Trip to Scotland


The Rebbe
Changed My Life
By Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
43 Years
 In Scotland

Lubavitch Aims & Objectives Rebbe
Inspires a
Restaurant & Take Away
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Cheder Textbooks 
Cheder Workbooks

Hebrew School Textbooks
Hebrew School Workbooks

Talmud Torah Textbooks
Talmud Torah Workbooks

Lubavitch of Scotland
have Published
96 Hebrew Schools 
Textbooks and Workbooks and 
  30 Laminated Educational Games 
including full texts and games for 
Pre Bat Mitvah /Bar Mitzvah Program 
for Hebrew Schools, Cheder Classes, 
Day Schools and Summer Camps

Topics covered include:
Chumash History Stories, Shabbos,
Yommim Tovvim, Kashrus, Food Brochois,
Cycle of Jewish Life & General knowledge
Tefila- Prayer
, including 

(12) Hebrew Schools 
Textbooks and Workbooks are available
 in Russian mainly for children attending
Sunday School, Hebrew School
Talmud Torahs & Cheder Classes

This is the first time ever that 
Cheder Classes and Hebrew School 
Textbooks and Workbooks 
have been published in Russian!

Complete Catalogue

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Torah Games

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Bat Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah Catalog

*All graded in three / four / five levels
from 5-13 years .

* Published in
Ashkenazi and Sefardi pronunciation.

* Our books have crosswords, Word searches 
and test sheets throughout.

* Many books are available 
with colour graphics

* This series carry a letter of
introduction and approval from
the Chief Rabbi 
& Dayan Chenoch Ehrentreu
Head of the London Beth Din

Our books will give you a complete curriculum
and plenty of material for
children, teachers and counsellors
for the entire school year.

The Complete Catalogue

Hebrew School Curriculum Publications

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Torah Games

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If you are unable to download the files, 
then  please send an
email to
containing your full name, address including 
country of residence & whether you require 
UK(sterling)  or US(dollars) price list.

These are suitable as Cheder Classes Material, 
Hebrew Schools Material, Bas Chayil Material,
 Bas Mitzvah Material, Bat Mitzvah Material.  

These books provide a complete syllabus 
and curriculum for children attending 
Bat/Bar Mitzvah Programmes, Cheder Classes,
Hebrew School and Jewish Day Schools.



All our books and games provide a complete 
Cheder Classes syllabus and curriculum, 
Hebrew School syllabus and curriculum, 
Jewish day school syllabus and curriculum, and 
Yeshiva day school syllabus and curriculum
 for children attending Cheder Classes and
Hebrew School,Jewish day school
and Yeshiva day school.

This is the only complete series of
Jewish Educational material for
Cheder Classes, Hebrew Schools 
and Jewish Day Schools
  of its kind published worldwide

Our  Lubavitch Books and Games provide

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