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The Rebbe
Changed My Life
By Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
43 Years
 In Scotland

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Joint Dux of the Cheder Classes
Claudia Marcuson & Rosie Quigley
Joint 1st Place
1st Year Bat Chayil Exam
Anna Caplan & Hannah Rose

Some Prize Winners of the
Lubavitch Cheder Classes
June 2012
Top Boy of the Cheder
Adam Tobias
Guest of Honour Cheder Prize Giving 2012
Brian Levine addressing the parents
and children

Presenting a Menorah to
the local Provost - Mayor

Distributing Shabbos Candlesticks

Kosher Food Exhibition
500 People Attended

LíChaimís Scotlandís ONLY
Kosher Restaurant

Meeting with Ken Macintish MSP
& Jim Murphy MP

Fancy Dress at Purim Party

Putting on Tefillin at
a Local Shopping Mall

Publicising Pesach with
a 20 Foot Banner

Chanukah Fun Morning

Urging People to be
Ready to Greet Moshiach

Chanukah Bowling Event
160 Attended

Publicising the Importance
of Keeping Shabbos

Dancing at Purim Concert
210 people attended

Purim Dinner & Concert
210 people attended

Dancing at Purim Concert
210 people attended

Father, son & grandson Entertain at
Purim Dinner & Concert 2012
210 people attended

Purim Concert 2012
210 people attended

Chanukah Fun Morning

Toast to the Haggis at Burns Supper
50 People Attended

Baking at Bat Chayil Classes

Pre Rosh Hashona Table
at Asda Superstore

Preparing for Purim at
Hebrew School

Enjoying a Meal at
LíChaimís Kosher Restaurant

Tu Beshevat Party at
Hebrew School

Rabbi Mendel Jacobs
Designer of the Only Jewish tartan
Cheder Prize Giving with
Head Teacher Sora Jacobs
Rabbi Chaim & Sora
Rabbi Mendel & Tzirl Enjoying Purim

Tefillin Campaign in Action

Tubeshevat Fruit Platter Demo
with Tzirl Jacobs

Bat Chayil Girls
at Kosher Expo

Myra Livingstone Receiving the Lubavitch Chessed Award 2012

Sholom Jacobs Entertains
Purim 2012

MalcolmLivingstone Receiving the
Lubavitch Chessed Award 2012

Visiting Residents at local Jewish
Sheltered Housing Complex

Sora Jacobs with her
Bat Chayil Graduates

Lag B'Omer Family BBQ
100 attended

Tefillin Campaign in Boston USA Father & Son
Sholom & Shmuel Singing
on Purim 2012

Lubavitch Bat Chayil Graduation
Ceremony led by their Teacher Sora Jacobs

Shul in the Park Chanukah
Whisky Tasting Dinner
Catered by L'Chaim's Kosher Catering
Shul in the Park Chanukah
Whisky Tasting Dinner
Catered by L'Chaim's Kosher Catering

Tubeshevat Fruit Tasting Event
with Tzirl Jacobs

Enjoying Fish & Chips Lunch at
L'Chaim's Restaurant
Enjoying Fish & Chips Lunch at
L'Chaim's Restaurant

Enjoying Fish & Chips Lunch at
L'Chaim's Restaurant

Putting on Tefillin with Israelis
in a Shopping Mall
Putting on Tefillin with Israelis
in a Shopping Mall

Ready for a Party at
L'Chaim's Kosher Restaurant

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