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 Glatt Kosher Cafe in Glasgow Scotland

Kosher Food in
Glasgow Scotland
Sora's Cafe @ LíChaimís
Every Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursdays
12-2pm No Booking Required!
Prices may change without notice


Menu & Prices

Soup of the day £3.00
Chicken Soup and Knaydels £3.50
Chicken Wings and Garnish £4.00
Egg & Onion with Matza Crackers £3.50
Chopped Liver with Egg & Onion with Matza Crackers £4.50
Fan of Melon £2.50
All Baguettes are served with a salad garnish

Tuna Mayo £4.50
Egg Mayo  £4.50
Salt Beef Cole Slaw £6.50
Smoked Salmon & Cole Slaw £5.50
Sliced Egg & Salad £4.50
Chopped Liver £5.50

Main Courses

Salt Beef & Chips £9.95
Grilled Chicken on a Bun with Garnish & Chips £6.95
Beef Burger on a Bun with Garnish & Chips £6.95
Fish & Chips, Coleslaw & Garnish £7.95


Egg Mayo £4.50
Tuna Mayo £5.50
Egg & Tuna £6.50
Sliced Egg £4.50
Smoked Salmon £6.50
Avocado £5.00
Grilled Chicken, Salad & Coleslaw £6.50

Latka £2.00
Chips £2.00
Cole slaw £2.00
Side Salad £2.25
Baquette 75p

Ice cream £3.00
Strawberry Sundae £3.50
Scone x 2 with Jam £2.50
Scone x 2 with Parev Cream & Jam £3.00
Strudel £1.25
Mini Danish x 2 £1.50p

Coke Diet & Regular £1.25
Irn Bru Diet & Regular £1.25
Sparkling Water £1.25
Fanta £1.25
Pure Juice - Apple or Orange £1.25
Tea, Herb Tea or Coffee £1.25
We also have a Wine Menu Please ask

We hope you enjoy your meal

Please note Any offers cannot be changed for other items

Don't think of Cost. Think of Value!

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For all your Glatt Kosher Food Requirements while visiting Scotland contact:
Scotland's ONLY Glatt Kosher Kitchen, Restaurant, Caterer & Eatery
L'Chaim's Glatt Kosher Restaurant and Glatt Kosher Caterer for a Personal Service

LíChaimís Scotland's ONLY Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterers
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