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Kosher Food in Glasgow Scotland
Our Customer's Comments

April 2020
Just to say a big thank you for the fantastic food preparation and delivery service you are running
during this awful pandemic.  At this time of lockdown, it is wonderful that particularly the older
and less able members of the community can rely on you, as well as the younger families like ourselves!  
You are certainly doing your bit for mankind!

August 2019
We arrived in Glasgow and sought out a kosher establishment to order kosher meals for Shabbat.
Found L'Chaim's, called them and ordered meals. We went to pick up at rabbi's house. The meals
were the absolute best. Plenty of food, wine, plates, and utensils for our Shabbat table.
Would highly recommend L'Chaim's to everyone.

July 2019

An Amazing Experience
Spent a week in Scotland. Was in Glasgow and then traveled to golf resort on the coast.
I had food delivered from LíChaim to both hotels. Food was delicious! Even after freezing
for delivery and reheating. Everything was amazing. Restaurant is expert at packaging food.
Delivering frozen. Food is well sealed with very explicit directions not to open, how to handle
and re-heat. Also they very cleverly color coordinate lunches and dinners so hotel knows how
 to calculate food and courses for each day. Plates and snacks and cutlery all sorted and
matched so each meal served with starters, mains and desserts. And even by the end of the
week the dishes tasted as if they just came out of the oven. Even the desserts were incredible.
And all reasonably priced. He was even able to deliver a slow cooker with cholent to my hotel in
Glasgow for a
delicious cholent over Shabbos, with a nice wine, kiddush cups, etc. No detail was
overlooked. Was very impressed. He has drivers who can send food all over Scotland to have food
 waiting at your hotel. Highest level of kashrut and food packages to meet local health and safety
 standards so hotel kitchens are okay to store the food. Was totally blown away that I could find
 this qualify of kosher food and so easy, delivered to my hotel in the highlands.

May 2019
Worked out great!  Marriott kitchen took charge of it and we had our meals timely.
Meals hit the spot. Would not have seen Scotland without the arrangements.
Kol Hakavod.  Thanks again.  Mitchel


March 2019  To the Caterers,
I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic food we enjoyed over
our Scotland trip. It tasted much better than expected and was healthy and varied.
From Yoni Lax

February 2019
L'Chaim's catered our daughter's Bat Mitzvah in Birmingham and we
found it all to be excellent.
The food was delicious, the staff were personal
and friendly, the service was top-notch, and for the budget, far surpassed
what the London- and Manchester-based kosher caterers will offer.
Throughout the entire planning and delivery of food for the event the
L'Chaim's team ensured we were happy with the planning and menu.
Well done the whole team! Alex Levine


L'Chaim's reliably delivered meals for lunches and dinner during our trip to Scotland,
making this an extraordinarily comfortable trip. The food, in microwave double-wrapped
packaging was good, and they were very easy to work with. Also sent bread, sandwich fillings,
and wine. Makes kosher travel to Scotland a real pleasure.
Diana Appelbaum USA 10/10/18

Dear Rabbi Chaim and Sora,
Thank you very much for the wonderful food and all the help last Shabbat.
We had a very special family reunion.
Bisorot Tovot and Shana Tova, Etan and Merav Fisher, Beer-Sheva

I highly recommend this establishment for anyone seeking Kosher meals while traveling through Scotland.
My group of 6 (hungry) adults, spent 8 days in Scotland where Sora and Rabbi Jacobs took care of all our culinary needs.
They methodically boxed up our meals for the few days we spent up north and prepared
the restaurant for us when we returned to Glasgow.
Their chefs meticulously prepared our kosher cuisine, which tasted delicious and
was a welcome end to a day of touring this wonderful country.
David B NY

12/8/18 It was lovely - we had the most enjoyable Shabbat and couldnít recommend
your meals more highly - the thought and effort that you went to were well
beyond our expectations. Thanks ever so much - we will tell our friends

We were delighted to find that Líchaim delivered meals and contacted them ahead of our stay at Glenmor,
the Gleneagles Hotel self-catering lodges. We received meals for our family of 5 over Friday night,
Saturday lunch and dinner. We were greatly impressed by the delivery - the food was prepared to
a very high standard, was tasty and had travelled well. It was beautifully presented, nutritious and kosher food.

Tristan Naggler

12/8/18 It's the Neufelds. I just wanted to thank you both for taking such good care of us -
especially my husband withhis many allergies and the other person who had the corn allergy.
Besides the food, it was the "loving care" that went into it all, the advising where to go touring,
arranging for driver
BUT THE CREAM ON TOP: the rabbi set up shabbos for us (the fridge, the cholent pot, the oven)
as if we were his children!
Where can you find that? We already gave recommendations to L'Chaim Restaurant
- the food was made fresh,
from good wholesome ingredients and plated so beautifully.
Also the fact that we ate in the restaurant Monday and Tuesday allowed us to meet other
travelers and get ideas from them.
The fact that the shul is right behind the restaurant
afforded the men with the opportunity to daven mincha/maariv.
The Neufeld Family NY 3/8/2018

 18/4/2018 Dear Rabbi & Mrs Jacobs
I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the kosher food supplied.
The food over the week was excellent, perfectly on time and everything went without a hitch.
Thank you so much for being so understanding on our timings for things and slightly
complicated requirement. We look forward to working with you again next year. Kind regards Louise Cohen

13/7/17 Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Jacobs,
We have just boarded our flight for the return trip to the States.  Laurie and I want to thank you for
 the wonderful Shabbos provisions; the food was very plentiful and delicious and everything was
well organized.  We even have leftover for the flight home.
Wishing you both all good things. Sincerely, Jerry

The meals worked very well. We especially appreciated the presentations
and the packaging. The food was tasty and sufficient.
Sophia Zalk - June 2017

30 April 2017  Hi Chaim and Sora

Just wanted to say that the food has been absolutely outstanding! Over the years we've had some very
 average meals from various places both in the U.K. And abroad so I didn't know what to expect.
Your food is not only delicious but beautifully presented and so carefully prepared. It has been
 one of the highlights so far and has made mealtimes like we were eating in a restaurant for two!
So lovely! It's really added to our trip. 

Thank you so much! Very best wishes. Melisa & Steve Resnick

4/4/2017 Dear Rabbi & Mrs Jacobs.

I wish to send u a massive YISHAR COACH for the food which was provided by you to the
PRINCIPAL hotel in Edinburgh while attending a podiatry conference.
Delicious. Nicely presented and fresh. Nice welcoming of Heimishe food.
Daniel A. Weisz, Podiatrist, President of Israeli podiatry association

29 June 2016
Hi Sora

Words truly fail me. We were absolutely delighted with the food on Sunday.
Everybody commented on how amazing it was, salt beef, vegetarian and
chicken goujons were piping hot and cooked to perfection which isnít
always easy when cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen and on mass! Melon
starter was sweet and tasty and thank you for personalising the dessert
which was also delicious.

Your professionalism shone through and I would happily recommend you
to anyone who is thinking of employing your services so please donít hesitate
to use me as a reference if you need to.

The staff at Spring Grove House said you were a delight to work
with and enjoyed your sense of humour immensely.

Many, many thanks for helping to make our daughters Bat Mitzvah such
a resounding success.

With best wishes Tracy & Kevin Egan of Birmingham

Just wanted to thank you. We had the meals on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. Everything was organized, labeled and delicious! 
Thank you again. LA USA Dena and Zevi Wolmark

I cannot forget the wonderful hacnosas orchim you provided us during out stay in Scotland. The way you  went
out of your way to help us and guide us and take care of all of our needs, especially the rainy night when you were
matriach to make 2 trips to drive us back to our quarters.

The warm atmosphere in your restaurant and hearty meals were most comforting to us after a long hard day of touring.
 Also, the contacts and tips you provided us with, to assist in making our vacation most enjoyable, will always be fondly

May Hashem yisborach bless you and your family with all the brochus of the Torah and you should continue to
be a mashpia of Torah and chesed to all of klal yisroel.

Vera Ungar - Boro Park, NY USA


The Shabbat meals were wonderful.  The portions were generous, and the fruit plates and fruit salads were juicy and delicious. 
The delivery man arrived about 5:15 pm (about 45 min. earlier than we expected). 
I'm glad we were at the cottage! The delivery man arrived about 5:15 pm (about 45 min. earlier than we expected). 
I'm glad we were at the cottage!
 Thank you for all your help.  Scotland is a beautiful country.
Marcy Millman USA

All the food was delivered as ordered and was clearly labeled for the hotel staff.  The food was excellent;
 it was tasty and appetizing and having kosher meals at the hotel made our vacation so much more enjoyable.
My daughter wats to thank you specially for the beautiful birthday cake and we appreciate your following up with us!
Aaron Cohen USA
I came back to London on Sunday and kept meaning to e-mail to thank the Rabbi since.
 Thank you for mentioning the B&B on Fenwick Road, it was lovely! I had such a nice Shabbat and of course the restaurant
mid-week and stocking up there for last few days was great! Really warm community, I hope I can come back one day.
Juliet of London
I cannot thank you and your rebetzen enough for the outstanding meals and refreshments
you provided for me during my stay in Scotland.
You made a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. The company that invited us to Scotland saw the quality and the attention
you paid to the presentation of the meals. They joined us for lunch and they were amzed at what they saw and ate!
Dovid Steigman USA

Paul Hurwitz April-May 2013

They are open daily during the summer but other times they are open only if they have reservations
for 10 or more people. You can purchase prepared meals from them anytime of the year and they are
 packaged ready to be warmed up in a non-kosher kitchen (e.g. sealed, double-wrapped, instructions).
We ordered food from LíChaimís for our entire trip. Packaged microwaveable meals could be good or bad,
you never know. We were  pleasantly surprised at how fresh and tasty the food was. Their BBQ Chicken meal
was my personal favorite. They can provide fresh fruit and salads and the desserts we had were excellent.